Pakruojis LIVING MUSEUM program of events:

every weekend from 12 am

12.00 val The start of the Manor House day: speech and oath by the Governor General, raising of the flag. 12.30 val Exhibition ride of the Baron's trotters 12.40 val An educational tour with the Baroness through the main building of Pakruojis manor 13.30 val Dark encounters in the manor house feudal Punishment Cellar
14.00 val From Devil to Steel: an educational programme in the forge 14.30 val Discoveries in the world of seductive scents in the laboratory of Jaque the parfumier. 15.00 val An encounter with the life of a bee and a lesson in candlestick making with the manor house bee-keeper 15.30 val Dvaro kumečių šešėlių spektaklis vaikams ,,Lapė ir vilkas“ (pagal V.Pietario „Lapės ir vilko draugystė“).
16.00 val Beer tasting with the manor house brewer Žaldokas 16.30 val Educational tour with the Baron in the main building of the Pakruojis manor house 17.00 val Pažintis su bitelių gyvenimu ir kleboniškų žvakių liejimo pamokėlė pas dvaro bitininką. Pride of the manor: “From Bach to Piazzola”, a performance by the Pakruojis manor chamber musicians in the White Hall
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Inns have been established since the end of the 14th century in Lithuania. Beer, mead and vodka have been sold there. According to the data of the 16th century, there were 364 beer inns, 40 mead inns, 71 vodka inn, 726 yards. Taking into account illegal inns, figures would be higher. Inns have been very popular in those times because peasants couldn‘t produce alcoholic drinks at home. Inns have been also established near abbeys, noblemen‘s dominions, manors or villages.